Construction Timeline

Projected DateActual DateDescription
1/14 – 1/181/23Foundation wall forms
Pour the walls. Walls will take about a week to harden.
2/4 – 2/8Too cold for earthwork.
2/11 – 2/15Earthwork Guy (Rick)
   Backfill Foundation Walls
   Prepare Floor Base

Concrete Guy (Jamie)
   Put down ground heaters to defrost ground
2/18 – 2/22Plumber (Nick)
   Plumb under the basement floor (depends on ground heaters)

Concrete Guy (Jamie)
   Lay basement floor (2-3 days to harden)
2/25 – 3/1Builder (Kevin)
   Framing Outer Walls
6/30Target Occupancy Date. Date still pretty tentative.