Construction Timeline

1/18Foundation wall forms
Pour the walls. Walls will take about a week to harden.
2/8Too cold for earthwork.
2/15Earthwork Guy (Rick)
   Backfill Foundation Walls
   Prepare Floor Base

Concrete Guy (Jamie)
   Put down ground heaters to defrost ground
3/12The basement outer walls have been framed. Workers were on site installing the main subfloor. They indicated that it should be done by the end of the day.
3/25The main floor outer walls have been framed. The trusses are on site and ready to go up. The plan was to put them up on 3/25. Unfortunately, the crane operator indicated that the ground was too muddy to properly stabilize the crane. They’re bringing in a different crane that can be planted on the street. Unfortunately, this will delay installation of the trusses by a day or two.

The basement floor has been poured as was in the process of having its surface finished.
6/30Target Occupancy Date. The date is still pretty tentative, but was confirmed on 3/25.