Big Horn House

My most recent visit to the Big Horn house was on Monday, 5/20. The weather has been very rainy recently hampering some of the outside work. Even so, there’s been some progress.

The garage floor has been poured. This was huge for me. The only remaining concrete work is the back patio, driveway, and front sidewalk. My builder plans to use his crew to pour those. In other words, there isn’t any additional subcontracting work for the concrete guys. If you remember, this is the subcontractor that caused all the delays early in the build.

All of the interior sheet rock is up. Last time I was up there something like 40% was done. None of it was mudded or taped. My builder was expecting that to begin the afternoon that I was there (5/20). I was there just before noon and everybody was off at lunch except my builder. He just stopped by to block off the garage door. That will help keep the interior dry for the mudding and taping.

More of the siding has been completed. You can see in the photos that the sides of the dormer have not been finished. The wet weather prevented that from happening.

Finally, a little of the earthwork to ensure proper drainage was done. Again, it couldn’t be completed because of the wet weather.

According to my builder, the house is still on target to complete around the end of June.

Front of the house looking south
Front of the house from the driveway
Garage concrete is protected with paper.
Living room as seen from the kitchen
Upstairs bathroom

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