Construction – Gettin’ ‘er done

There’s been quite a lot of progress in the last couple weeks.

  • Trusses are up.
  • Roof plywood is in place.
  • Outer wall sheathing is done.
  • Windows are installed
  • Inner wall framing is done upstairs

The roofing is scheduled for installation on Monday and will probably take two days to complete. Walls should be plumbed soon. Electrical work begins shortly after that. I be going up prior to the electrical work to map out things like outlet locations.

This week’s trip to Big Horn involved a bunch of decisions so that materials could be ordered for later stages. I met with Scott, the cabinet and counter top guy. Cabinets and countertops were selected for the kitchen and all three bathrooms. I don’t have the colors and patterns at my fingertips, so I can’t tell you what they are. The kitchen and upstairs bathrooms will have quartz counter tops. The downstairs bathroom will be granite. I went in preferring stile stone, but that would have added about $10 – $12 thousand to the cost of house. So I compromised a little.

Next, I met with Matt, the flooring guy and selected flooring throughout the house. Originally, I had planned to put laminate in the living and dining rooms. After talking with Scott, I switched to vinyl plank. At about the same cost, you get better water resistance. Vinyl sounds cheap, but the technology has advanced. It’s difficult to distinguish vinyl plank from hardwood by sight alone. The vinyl plank will be throughout, except for the bedrooms.

The bedrooms will be carpeted. I chose a plush, multicolored carpet. It’s generally off white, but a bit on the darker side. The color selection was primarily chosen to hide dirt.

Finally, tile was chosen for the showers.

Then, it was on to meet with Randal, the metal guy. This one was easy. The trim on the house is biscuit. Unfortunately, they were not able to match that color for the soffit and fascia. However, they had a color that was really close. When you consider that the soffits sit at a different angle and have different shadows than the trim, I really doubt that the difference will be noticeable.

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