Foundation Walls

There’s progress on the foundation!!! The walls have been poured and the forms have been removed. You can also see that the walls have been damp proofed. This keeps the moisture from soaking through reducing basement humidity and preventing mold growth.

The next step is to backfill the foundation. Unfortunately, it will be too cold this week to operate the equipment. The earthwork guy is planning to do that next week. A more complete schedule is posted on the Construction Timeline page.

West Side of the House

This view gives a really good idea of the floor elevation. You can see where the sliding glass door for the walkout basement (bottom right) will sit. It gives an appreciation for the amount of dirt that will need to be removed for the back patio. Also, you can see that there will be knee-high walls just beyond the back door and in the top left.

Back of House (South) viewed across Master Bedroom

This view shows the egress window opening in the basement room that’s beneath the master bedroom. Sitting opposite the window will be the utility room with the furnace and water heater.

Garage viewed from the Northeast

In this view, you can see the opening for the double garage door (far right) and the exit into the east yard (bottom left). This gives a good feel for how high the garage floor will sit.

Viewing this on site gave me a greater appreciation for the elevations. This house sits quite high. It was clear that the driveway will be steeper than I anticipated. Also, there is a substantial amount of fill that will be needed to level the front porch.

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